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Linda Strijker Bestuurlijk adviseur bij Algemene Rekenkamer

Nathalie Boudrie is een deskundig en betrokken adviseur. Door haar open communicatie en kordate optreden wint zij in korte tijd het vertrouwen van medewerkers en management.

Dennis von Bergh Officer at Royal Netherlands Navy

Nathalie is an empowering counselor, able to switch with ease between strategic and individual perspectives. She is a strong communicator, easy to relate to, with a genuine heart for individual people and a healthy commitment to organizations. Nathalie's broad experience in dealing with various stakeholders of different organizations, her sharp eye for their interests, and her honest and balanced approach make Nathalie an interesting sparring partner with surprising contributions. As a result I always enjoy our witty discussions on various subjects related to psychological concepts, integrity issues and HRM